Who’s baking?

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Hey there, I’m an amateur baker/cook with a slightly unhealthy obsession with baking and all things chocolate. I’m currently a Canadian junior doctor working in the UK. I started this blog way back at the start of medical school (hence the Baking Medic) and sometimes I’m still surprised that it’s been so many years!

I’m also a beginner painter/sketcher. One of my favourite mediums is watercolour paint, but I also love charcoal/pastel on coloured paper, coloured pencil, and gouache. This blog is a place to share some of my experiments in the studio (aka my living room table) as well as the kitchen.

I love to try new recipes, to share what I’ve learned, and to share what I’ve baked. I started this blog after being inspired by so many of the other foodblogs out there. Why should they have all the fun? So, I aim here to post regularly about life, the universe, and everything — but mostly about food. Feel free to drop a message or leave comments/suggestions. I love feedback and meeting all sorts of interesting folk!


  1. Sammy says:

    Hey, just wanted to say your blog looks awesome – I love the recipes and the delicious looking photos. I also really dig the art posts! I’ve been considering starting up a blog myself and I was wondering if you have any tips? I’ve been meaning to make a general amateur baking/art/lifestyle blog but I’ve never got around to it and I think I’ll sound so stupid and cringe writing haha.

  2. Krissy Hunter says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I hope you do start your blog – it can be really fun to write posts about topics your passionate about. My top tip would be create your blog first and foremost for yourself and to enjoy it even if no one else reads it. The joy is in the baking and painting, not in the likes and comments. ;) Hope that helps! K x

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