Chocolate Peanut Cookie Bars


DSC_5638I have sung the praises of cookie bars many times before. They combine the chewy moreishness of cookies with the ease of a brownie. I rarely have the patience to stand by the oven door while each try of cookies bakes. Bars are so much simpler – bake it all at once and then cut them up once they’re cool.


I used Smitten Kitchen’s Infinitely Adaptable Blondies recipe to which one of my best friends introduced me. It’s really lives up to it’s name in being sooo easy and you can literally put anything in them – nuts, chocolate, left over Hallowe’en candy… Heck, you don’t even need an electric mixer. Just a bowl, a wire whisk and a spatula. The only change I made was to double the recipe and use 1 cup white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar instead of 2 cups of brown sugar. I baked them in a 9″x13″ tin as well and they came out perfectly.

This is a very short post today – Smitten Kitchen has posted the recipe on her phenomenal blog so it seemed a bit unecessary to repost it here. My flatmates raved about these cookie bars, although one of them admitted to needing to rest halfway through finishing a piece. I just can’t seem to do “light” baking. ;)

Happy baking!


Chocolate Peanut Cookie Bars

  • Double recipe of the Infinitely Adaptable Blondies
  • Substitute 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar for 2 cups brown sugar
  • Add 200g milk chocolate, 200g white chocolate, 100g salted peanuts

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