Cake Pops that didn’t quite pop

I should start by saying that there will be no recipe for these. I didn’t intend to make them in the first place, but the kitchen gods intervened and the door of my freezer was some how left open all last night. Amongst other things, I had two six inch chocolate cakes in there left over from when I made my friend’s engagement cake. The cakes were almost completely defrosted so I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with the oh so trendy cake pops.

Technically these are cake truffles rather than cake pops. A cake pop is essentially a ball of cake stuck onto a stick and coated in chocolate. There are lots of fancy accessories that you can buy, including little machines that actually bake balls of cake. But when I first came across the concept of a cake pop or cake truffle a few years ago, they were made by mixing together cake and buttercream to form a heavenly paste. That is what I have done here, combining a chocolate cake with a cream cheese buttercream. O my god. It took some serious self control not to eat the entire bowl of the stuff with a spoon.

Although my cake truffles are really tasty, I haven’t included a recipe because, well, I think I’ve got a lot to learn about making cake pops and coating them in chocolate. Why did I decide white chocolate was a good idea??? I don’t think I made a single pop that was crumb free. /sigh. I also completely underestimated the amount of chocolate I would need, so my last couple truffles are *cough* shabby chic.

Still, they were quite fun to make and I look forward to learning more about cake pop making and maybe having another go sometime. Until then, I’ll just have to admit that sometimes the things I bake don’t always turn out as I hoped! ;)