Chocolate Baking Class Photos

Making all those wee white chocolate raspberry mousses. NOM.

A few weeks back, I taught a Chocolate Baking Class for the Fine Chocolate Society.  The amazingly talented Frank George, Sarah Wilford, and Verena Walsh were such a great help! Luckily, Verena had the foresite to bring her camera and she has just passed on the photos to me.  If you’re interested in some of the recipes, I’ve made the Zebra cake and White Chocolate Mousse before.  You can find the Zebra Cake here and the White Chocolate Mousse here.

Thanks again to everyone there! It was awesome!

Measuring out ingredients.

All measured out and ready to go.

Zebra cake ready to be put in the oven. :)

SO much chocolate icing.

Getting it all set out...

Time to eat! Zebra Cake + Chocolate sauce, Black Magic Cake, White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse, and Fudgey Brownies.

Definitely doing a baking class is 90% prep and a lot of work.  However, I’d definitely do it again and I hope to see you there! :)

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