Chocolate Sheet Cake


Sheet cakes remind me of childhood and feeding crowds. The simplicity and practicality of a sheet cake is hard to top. For me, a sheet cake is a single layer cake that is usually served in the pan it is baked in and frosted with a single layer of icing. No fancy cake stands, no towering multi layer cakes, no complicated assembly of cake and frosting. The good thing is pretty much any recipe can easily be adapted to become a sheet cake; it’s just a matter of volume. For example, in this cake, I have used my much loved Cake of Death recipe. The recipe makes enough batter to either make 2 x 8″ round cakes, 4 x 6″ round cakes, or 1 large 9″ x 13″ rectangular sheet cake. Most cake recipes will make a similar volume of batter, so instead of making two layers, just pour the entire amount into a prepared large rectangular cake tin.