Chocolate Chip Cookie Monsters


Happy New Year! For various reasons, 2015 is the year that felt like it would never arrive. But indeed time marches on and at last it’s here. This is also my first post of 2015! The next few months are going to be unhappily busy for me, and I’ll try to bake as much as I can. However, you may start to see my recipes get a bit more simple and less time involved. This is one such recipe, although by no means is it any less delicious.

I used the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. She has perfected the chocolate chip cookie and has many handy tips for achieving the softest, chewiest cookie that doesn’t spread out like a pancake. Her website has loads of amazing resources with pictures to answer your every chocolate chip cookie related question. So I’ll leave the explanations to her because she does it much better than I ever could!