Apple Cake with Biscoff Buttercream


Last week I was sitting in my living room mulling over what type of cake I was going to make for one of my housemate’s upcoming birthday. It can sometimes be a challenge to dream up new recipes for this blog, especially if it’s a layer cake. I remembered that another friend really likes this Biscoff Spread. I have no idea how they produce it, but it’s made from these Lotus biscuits. Basically, tastes like a caramel cookie but with the texture of smooth peanut butter. It’s absolutely delicious, both on toast or just straight from the jar.  From there, I decided that it would adapt nicely from my nutella/peanut butter icing recipes. So with a biscuit icing, I needed to pair it with a cake recipe. Cake of death and biscuits would be too rich, and vanilla cake just a bit bland. I decided that since it was almost the end of October, I should make something that had the warm spiced flavours of autumn. So I decided to take my apple bundt cake recipe and turn it into a layer cake.


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